Monthly Archive: April 2006

Cool website… 0

Cool website… upload your picture and check which celebrity looks like you 🙂 check mine – click here hehe, funny 😛 post your links in comments… let`s see who looks like you 🙂

Spirit of Belgrade, Part II 0

Spirit of Belgrade, Part II

Surfer Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. Another photo of total craziness of Belgrade people…Water-skiing on flooded street of downtown Belgrade is a new sport these days in Serbia… 🙂 Some people disapproved this act of...

The Spirit of Belgrade 0

The Spirit of Belgrade

Belgrade Floods Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. This picture is taken yesterday in Belgrade, near the city center…I simply love the spirit of Belgrade people – they never miss an opportunity to have fun. 🙂

News from Konstantinopolis ;) 0

News from Konstantinopolis ;)

– finished my transition with Aakash and started working independently (he left to India to start working there) – almost got robbed in front of my apartment (the night after Aakash had his cell...