Monthly Archive: September 2006

New template 0

New template

Still working on installing this new template with AJAX thingy, so bear with me…Also, any comments and feedback are appreciated… and yeah, pull the string and let me know if it works…

Politikin Zabavnik 0

Politikin Zabavnik

Just found out that I can read online the best magazine ever… Magazine that suits anyone from 7 to 77… Unbelievably relaxing, yet educational paper…It`s in Serbian, so no use for most of you,...

WB World Development Report 2007 0

WB World Development Report 2007

World Bank urges boost for young Developing countries must invest in young people, promoting education and health and developing essential skills, a major World Bank report says. The World Development Report says there are...

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——————————————————————-*Update: Apparently, the link was wrong 🙂 Now it should be OK…——————————————————————-Since flickr allows only 200 photos with free subscription and I`m not willing to pay any money to them (at least not yet...

Google`s for profit philanthropy 0

Google`s for profit philanthropy

The ambitious founders of Google, the popular search engine company, have set up a philanthropy, giving it seed money of about $1 billion and a mandate to tackle poverty, disease and global warming.