Guca Film – Trailer

“Forget Glastonbury, Reading, Burning Man and Cochella: the wildest music festival on earth is a cacophonic and crazy brass band festival that takes place every summer in the tiny Serbian town of Guca (pronounced “Gucha”) in the western region of Dragacevo. What began as a small competition for the Dragacevo Assembly of Trumpet Players back in 1961 now attracts nearly half a million people every year. Given Guca’s population is 3000 – it’s some party. For an entire week the sound of thousands of blaring trumpets rends the air, playing everything from traditional Serbian folk and gypsy music to songs by the likes of Goran Bregovic. Grilled meat washed down with potent plum brandy keeps you and the delirious crowd going, and don’t be surprised to see Bregovic or legendary filmmaker Emir Kusturica turn up with his band. “

Also, a documentary about it has just been released. I found only this short teaser on google video, so go to and click on Trailer to see the long and much better one.

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