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partners with bombers 0

partners with bombers

Serbia accepted into Partnership for Peace 29 November 2006 | 09:43 -> 17:21 | Source: B92 RIGA — A decision was made at the NATO summit in Riga for allowing Serbia to unconditionally join...

Only in Serbia 0

Only in Serbia

I wonder what would happen in any other country after such public display of disrespect to the country where you live… to clarify something – each and every minority in Serbia is allowed to...

Serbia in PFP again? 0

Serbia in PFP again?

NATO may induct Serbia into Partnership for Peace 28 November 2006 | 18:29 | Source: AP RIGA — NATO may invite Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia to join the Partnership for Peace at the Riga...

Kemalist youth want professor sacked 0

Kemalist youth want professor sacked

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 A Kemalist youth organization appealed to YÖK demanding that a professor who criticized Atatürk be banned from the academic profession ANKARA – Turkish Daily NewsSecretary General of the Turkey Association...

Forget about pope – this is real news! 0

Forget about pope – this is real news!

I know that to most of you this will sound weird, but for me this is much bigger news then Pope`s visit to Turkey and implications that will bring… This is simply bigger then...

Pope Turkiye`de 0

Pope Turkiye`de

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Some 20,000 Muslims held an anti-pope rally in Istanbul on Sunday in a peaceful protest against Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey this week. Benedict, due to begin his first official visit...

Microsoft Citizenship Report 2006 0

Microsoft Citizenship Report 2006

From Steve Ballmer`s MS internal intro letter:
Did you know, for example, that we recycle 141 tons of material every month? That employees volunteered more than 76,000 hours last year? That we donated more than $2.5 billion to communities in the past 20 years?

Now they use submarines!? 0

Now they use submarines!?

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – U.S. Coast Guards have seized a submarine carrying 3.5 tons of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica and arrested three Colombians on board, the Costa Rican Coast...

sponsored post – 0

sponsored post –

While browsing, I read on Tom Gara`s blog about this website – which actually pays you to review websites! As soon as you register and submit your blog/website, they evaluate it on...