Monthly Archive: November 2006

Bravo for telenor 0

Bravo for telenor

It`s not the best CSR action I`ve seen, but it`s a job well done and the media attention around it should show corporate sector in Serbia that CSR is an investment, not pure philanthropy.

Europe, decide at once or leave us alone! 4

Europe, decide at once or leave us alone!

First they tell us it`s not possible to join before 2014, then they tell us 2010 is fine, then they tell us they will slow down the process after accession of Bulgaria and Romania,...

UFO… 0


From the website of Nick Pope, who used to run the UK UFO project 1991-1994. He started his website to “prove the truth”, as he continued to do private researches… Biography: Nick Pope used...

Pronto condoms 0

Pronto condoms

One of those things you realize that they should be invented much before… Awesome! Quote: The second video is a real prod at South Africa’s Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang…she advocated the eating of beetroot...

csr and religion? 0

csr and religion?

Many in the corporate world would rather not bring religion into the boardroom. Fair enough, especially if the purpose is to misuse religion for selfish or inappropriate purposes. But if advocates of CSR are interested in finding new allies in the quest to encourage businesses to become more ethical and attentive to their responsibilities to a wide range of stakeholders, they should think anew about the role of faith in the workplace.

Tomahawk screen 0

Tomahawk screen

hahaha, check this out! One of the oldest and biggest newspapers of Serbia… Text is about US getting ready to possibly attack North Korea… I didn`t even read it because when I saw the...

US presidential speeches tag cloud 0

US presidential speeches tag cloud

Very interesting Tag Cloud made by Chirag Mehta – it`s made out of 360 documents (1776-2006). You can even use the slider to change timeframe… pretty cool because you can see how US politics...

“Saddam Hussein sentenced to death” 0

“Saddam Hussein sentenced to death”

cross-posted from ————————————— 2 days before the US elections, although the two are obviously unconnected and only a crazed conspiracy theorist would suggest otherwise….. BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — The Iraqi High Tribunal on...