Gold medals and the National Anthem of Serbia

150px-coat_of_arms_of_serbia_smallsvgSince Yugoslavia stopped existing, a lot of things have been changing in Serbia, including the coat of arms, flag and anthem.
Many things changed, but some remained the same – corruption in all spheres of life and levels is one, and the second is success in many many sports.
The corruption is what kills us, makes us feel helpless and quite often deeply depressed and highly apathetic (see some stats at @Dzangrizalo’s blog post – serbian & google translated english), and when any government brings us a new anthem or anything that should gather us all around, we simply cannot accept it so easily… Even if that anthem is a beautiful song from 1872, it is still not easy to relate to it… Not even if they play it every morning and evening on national TV station… (I suppose that is an explanation to the hatery towards celebrations in the same blog post :))
Myself included…

However, recent shower of medals on World Swimming Championship, Waterpolo Championship, as well as U18 European Basketball Championship (all in a couple of days) has brought us a lot of happiness, and along we listened the anthem in a whole new light… All of a sudden, I didn’t care about the government, about the corruption, about anything really – just enjoyed the goosebumps I missed so much last couple of years…

It’s stupid, I know, and I feel like a kid when this happens, but these successes give you kind of a boost and motivation to do more… They wake you up from apathy and show you that if you are talented and really want to do something more with your life, there is no system or surrounding that will stop you do more…
So, thank you Serbian swimmers, waterpolo and basketball players – you have been such motivation boosters this week!






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  2. a…nekad jednostavno obozavam nas narod!!!

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