Generation Y and the implications for HR

Marc Coleman & Pan-European HR Network are doing a pretty good work lately in connecting the top HR people in Europe and tackling most important issues in HR today.
This time they are trying to tackle Generation Y and its impact to HR in companies and if you ask me – this is a burning issue!

I’m working in a company that is considered to be advancing HR and Communication in Serbia, a company that was brave enough to be honest to itself and admit that organizational culture changes are needed and now pioneers the unique way of changing the culture etc.
But still, lately I was thinking a lot about and discussing GenY with many people and I have to admit that my company is far from being “GenY friendly”. On the opposite, there are so many obstacles (caused by old way of thinking and in the form of procedures and other limiting documents) in every day work that it kills motivation to wake up in the morning and come work at all!

Of course, I’m not saying that I’m giving up – by filling in this survey that good folks at Pan-European HR Network have prepared for us, I got a pretty good idea of what’s missing and am looking forward to the results of this survey.
Am actually being intellectually challenged right now, as it is not easy to think of a way to make such big changes in a 1000 people company to become result oriented instead of process oriented…

Below you can find a letter from Marc Coleman, which explains basically why they are doing this research and how, as well as the link to the survey. Please fill it and do share your thoughts in the comments…

Dear HR Professional,

The world has changed, the way we work has changed, the technology has changed, the crisis has changed and even the change has changed!

To stay in the race, you must understand not only the behaviour of your customers but to help your directors and managers to leverage the talent and motivation levels within your organisation.

Generation Y and the web 2.0 world is key to thriving in this recession and to driving the upturn. Generation Y does not only refer to an age group (born between 1978 & 1994). It has become a set of behaviours attributed to any generation operating in the modern socially networked, emotionally and (often virtually) connected working space. Impatient, individualistic, connected, versatile, curious and inventive…in a word a demanding culture. And despite all the doom and gloom, these new behaviours are persisting.

As a large proportion of the world’s demographic are in the Generation Y age group, in addition to the spreading “Y/2.0 culture”, to stay in the race it is vital to tap into the diversity, creativity and innovation that this group represents and organizations must upgrade the way they think…fast.

Please take a minute to complete all questions as your opinion matters to us. We utilize and share your feedback at live international events, business reports and press releases.

Click on the link at the bottom of this email to take this survey.

Thank you!

Pan-European HR Network

Click on the following link to take the survey: Click Here
Or copy and paste the following link in your browser to take the survey:

edit – new link:


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  7. Is this an adequate enough of a response for developing peoples to those who have gone before them? The people of the so called 1st World States have exploited many natural resources, exploited indigenous populations, waged wars of colonisation, etc. So how can now the people of the developed first world nations, now fault the actions of the developing world as they now do what the developed world has already done?

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