Aaaaaaand, ACTION!

In my last post, I announced a tweetup, or a meeting if you like, of a group of enthusiasts that care strongly about Serbia and its image.

Dragana kind of sparkled everything couple of weeks ago, and now Pedya chose a right moment (we took enough time to swallow the whole idea) to start the engine, and here we are…

Several volunteers already offered very concrete help, so please read comments in Pedya’s post and think about ideas… (google translate version in english is here)

Let’s paint this map in beautiful colors!

Thursday, 18:00, Belgrade, Restaurant El Toro

One more remark, for the skeptical ones:

Image by
Image by


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  9. “Believers, look up — take courage. The angels are nearer than you think.”

    See you in Belgrade 🙂

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