Symbol of Human Rights?

Symbols are all around us.
Those of love and peace, as well as those of communists and nazis.
Those of various faiths, as well as those of astrological signs.

If we look at this historically, all these symbols show up when something big is happening and we, as people at this planet, need to brand this initiative or behavior, in order to preserve it from forgetting, or to ensure that we remember it.

That’s how we easily connect heart with love, cross with Christians, swastika with nazis (even if the symbol is much older then nazis). That’s how recycling got it’s symbol lately.

But what about Human Rights?

I honestly never thought about it… This topic is all around us for the last 2 decades (if not longer) and it is one of the most important and fundamental issues of the world today, but only symbols I can think of are the events of violations of human rights and someone’s struggle.
I guess I never thought that we are in the middle of a process of resolving this issue once for ever, until this initiative to create a logo for human rights was brought to my eyes by Milos Djajic (Serbian blogger, his blog in Serbian here).

More information about the initiative and its creative challenge to design the logo can be found at You can also find current submissions there (some of them are pretty cool).
The challenge is until July 31st, 2011, so make sure you send in your ideas in time.


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