Is Capitalism at Risk?

Ever since I started thinking about and discovering the idea of Social Entrepreneurship and Business, I realized just how much the system we live in needs to be reinvented. How much we all need to change.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not enough anymore. Businesses need to reinvent themselves and get back to pro-customer, pro-user, instead of pro-shareholder.

Of course, when I say so, it’s a bunch of crap coming from an idealist, but when Harvard Business School professors discuss the issue and write a book “Capitalism at Risk: Rethinking the Role of Business“, then I can only say that we might just be closer to the end of capitalism then we thought.

Check out this short interview with the authors of the book:


What do you think? What’s coming after capitalism?


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3 Responses

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  1. 13. April 2012.

    […] i novi modeli poslovanja, promovišu nove/stare vrednosti itd. Pisao sam već nešto malo o tome prošlog septembra, kada su i neki od profesora sa Harvard Business School-a izazvali ideju […]

  2. 24. October 2013.

    […] i Voren Bafeta, formiranje B-Teama, teme koje se obrađuju u Davosu, one o kojima se govori na Harvardu, kreiranje Social Progress Indexa, ali i Occupy proteste, whistleblowere i sve druge akcije […]

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