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Građanin kao dizajner

Pre par nedelja, moj drugar Brodie Boland je napisao sjajan tekst za Stanford Social Innovation Review na temu suštinskih društvenih promena, i podsetio me na one silne rasprave koje smo vodili pre izbora, a naročito na one o tome da li treba glasati, tj. izabrati između ponuđenog, ili odbiti da biraš manje zlo.
Preveo sam tekst, uz Brodijevu saglasnost, kako bi stigao do što većeg broja ljudi.

back in Istanbul 0

back in Istanbul

so I`m back 😉 will be here for another 10 days or so to sum up my work and finish transition with my succesor… last month was completely crazy… expect an update about it...

beginning of the end… 0

beginning of the end…

Things are getting more and more exciting… Deadline for applications was last night, so now expecting a shortlist from AI… People are getting pretty nervous about it and are asking millions of questions over...

hahaha, what a chat! 0

hahaha, what a chat!

so I had this chat tonight with one special person. That person was trying to convince me she is not such a good person I think she is… that she is a devil, that...

Want the best CSR traineeship of the century? 0

Want the best CSR traineeship of the century?

*this is an AIESEC traineeship, so if you`re not an AIESEC SN don`t bother bugging me… So I`m leaving Istanbul soon… and looking for a good candidate to replace me here in Istanbul… for...