Čime god da se bavim, ili pokušam da se bavim, društveno preduzetništvo nekako uvek nađe put do mene.
I dalje smo bagra. Potpuno subjektivno to primećujem, ali subjektivno je, objektivno, jedino i bitno.
2 big things happened in 2 days - visa abolishment for Schengen zone, and Kosovo independence debate started in Hague...
Guest blogger Bojan writes about hope in Serbia.
Ethnic Albanian councilors in Serbia's south have launched an initiative to form Albanian regional institutions and a separate region of Preševo Valley.
1. No more visas soon! 2. Champions League: FC Partizan hammered Rhyl in qualifications 4:0... 3. THE LEGEND COMES BACK! Read more...
@Miss_Cybernaut and couple more twitternauts have discussed last night and I think we all agree that .wtf would be a perfect top level domain for Serbia, instead of .rs.
Just read this article of Financial Times and am wondering what people think about it…  http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5a87a1d2-19a6-11de-9d34-0000779fd2ac.html?nclick_check=1 […]
To be honest, I would prefer our foreign affaird minister addressing them, as he is a […]
In Serbia, we say Dobar dan (Good day), but those 78 days of NATO dropping shitloads […]