This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I`m alive… ­čÖé
I`ll write more soon, but this is basicaly what`s up with me these days:
– still working in the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (check below), but am also thinking about other options (another job, traineeship…)
– still didn`t finish my studies (too lazy, I guess)
– negotiations over Kosovo`s status began, so waiting to see what will happen – shall we be in war again?
– The season of “Slava`s” began, so eating and getting drunk is a must almost every day… I`ll write more about Slava`s, which is unique type of celebration in the world.
– AIESEC-wise, trying to help the MC here to start CSR LN in Serbia, meeting new members in my LC and partying with them :), discussing humanitarian interventions with some cool folks at Global LNs community and that`s about it…
– just heard that I`m going to Romania next June, for Irina and Stefan`s wedding! Can`t wait to see them again…

That`s about it… Will write more soon, especially with news from Kosovo negotiations…

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