Istanbul Trainees May 2006

Istanbul Trainees May 2006
Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo.

From left to right:
Joanna (USA), myself, Magda (Germany), Friedemann (Germany), Niels (The Netherlands), Caro (Colombia), Beth (USA), Nadine (Germany), Shawky (Egypt), Rajtzi (India), Metin (Bulgaria/Turkey – not a trainee) and Orkhan (Azerbaijan).

Each of us unique and different, yet we somehow manage to live together in an appartment with only one shower 😀

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  1. Nino! see you in 2 weeks!!!

  2. aiesec trainees out to populate the world.


    anyway, off topic. how did you get your geo-loc working? been trying, to no avail.

    help, OB-1.

  3. Joanna Lee

    heya! i miss u roomie!

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