Vlajko and Maria in Istanbul

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As I said, a wonderful weekend it was…
After a great Saturday with trainees and aiesecers from Istanbul, I spent a great Sunday and Monday with Vlajko, Maria, 12 other Brussels trainees and Ozi&Asli (alumnis from Turkey).
It was really cool seeing Vlajko in Istanbul and especially Maria after more then 2 years…

Thanks for a great time (and beer and chocolates, of course :P)!

The rest of the photos from both days is at Flickr.

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  1. Nino it was absolutely GREAAAAAAAAAT! I was so thrilled that I saw you after so long!!!!

    We should keep in touch a bit more….. and even more now that I feel more Serbian than before!!

    hehe take care!

    Hvala ti for a great weekend


  2. Yo buddy..Vlajko my brate and myself are now in Barcelona…

    Sending you lots and lots of kisses and hugs from Spain 🙂

    Maria and Vlajko

  3. I hate you both! Mrzim vas! 🙂

    Hope you`re enjoying your time there…

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