Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference: “Meeting of Civilizations”

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A great new NGO that I discovered while working for Microsoft… They are connecting Glocals – local players in global field. You can find more at

I attended their 5th Annual Glocalization Conference which took place in Ankara this year. And it was a great experience indeed…
Meeting people from various NGOs and international organizations such are UNESCO, Taking It Global, ILO etc, as well as many Mayors of cities from all over the world (Kikinda presented Serbia) and having an opportunity to discuss different world issues with them is a great thing already… Imagine talking about peace with the Mayor of Freetown! Quite cool and inspiring… Or meeting Gent from Prishtina and talking with him about the situation in Kosovo and our visions on what may happen…
At the same time, Glocal Youth Parliament had it`s conference in another hotel and I had an opportunity to meet some really cool people and enjoy one morning on an aiesec-like conference… There were present members from 50 countries, 16-23 years old… A great group of nice people… They don`t have our network or experience, but their passion and commitment to a better future is something that connects them to AIESEC and I wish these two organizations start working together… On the photo, I`m with (from left to right) a delegate from US, then Aleksandra from BCYF, Amila from Bosnia and Nikola from Serbia. I hope I will be able to attend their Global Youth Summit…

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