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While browsing nomadlife.org, I read on Tom Gara`s blog about this website reviewme.com – which actually pays you to review websites!

As soon as you register and submit your blog/website, they evaluate it on a scale 1 to 5 and price of your review changes accordingly (my blog got 1 star, so I`m being paid $20 per review). And then they offer you your first job – to review their website (which I am doing now :)).

An interesting concept indeed… Don`t know how much do they charge companies to advertise through this system, but I do believe that it`s not too much and that many companies might consider this option… Why? Well simply because this is not about spreading the good word – it is about spreading the word in general… So if you want your product to get through the consumers and you don`t have enough funds to compete with big fishes in advertising campaigns, then you usually turn to other channels – word of mouth, direct marketing, reviewme.com…

And just the idea of paying you to review their own website, which is I guess a proof of concept strategy, is fantastic!

So, let`s see if this continues to work… So far – I like the idea… And I hope it continues to work… 🙂

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