seriously sad

This is one of the moments when I hate the whole NATO world…
This is not even comparable with genocides or massacres – they happen in one moment. And this… this is killing for decades… constantly…

If my child is born deffected, give me one good reason not to become terrorist and do my best to make them hurt as it hurts me?
UPDATE: were they helping Albanians in Kosovo while bombing? They live there now… along with lots of KFOR soldiers and UN stuff… they all suffer…


Depleted Uranium Missiles Found In Serbia
December 12, 2006 6:09 a.m. EST

Komfie Manalo – All Headline News Correspondent

Belgrade, Serbia (AHN) – Representatives from the directorate for the protection of the environment in Serbia has said that a total of 161 depleted uranium missiles have been recovered in the southern part of the country in the past weeks.

The states Beta news agency said the missiles were found in Reljan near Preservo after the 1999 NATO bombing campaign.

It was said that during the 78-day air strikes in the former Yugoslavia in 1991, NATO war planes dropped 31,000 missiles and bombs believed to contain depleted uranium, a kind of radioactive toxic material that has been linked to Gulf War syndrome and spiraling levels of cancer and birth defects in Iraq.

NATO has admitted 112 sites in Kosovo where it used depleted uranium. But it has not given Belgrade a complete list for the rest of Serbia.

Belgrade ordered a clean up operation in Reljan on October 1 and some 6.5 out of 12 hectares of contaminated grounds have been searched and cleared. A total of 2.4 cubic meters of contaminated soil has also been collected and removed.

Serbia has spent an estimated $450,000 for the clean up operation in the Reljan site.


  1. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  2. i dint understand why they used depleted uranium??? they could bombed as much as they can and they did..i think again this stupid thing iis job of “clever” americans..


  3. man,

    you know yourself that its time to let go. face towards the future. i think that we had enough of revenges, terrorists, killings, bombs.

    time to let go. time to be happy looking in to the future.

  4. It is quite simple my friend…
    those bombs are with “expired date” and are not aligned with Geneva convention rules. so, it`s much cheaper to drop them “somewhere in europe” then to disamble them because it is a very very expensive thing to do.
    they have also been trying some new weaponry and cluster bombs (againg againts the convention)… I have actually missed “the treatment” of cluster bombs for just half an hour when they hit the bus that left my home city just 30 minutes after I left with another bus.

  5. darko, of course I`ve let it go and have forgiven the very minute the bombing stopped…I`ve seen enough blood already… and been to a number of funerals of friends that you cannot imagine… I don`t want that anymore… ever again…
    but I cannot forget… nor will I ever let people forget…

    and about the question I`m asking… yeah it is indeed hypothetical… but just try to imagine what if? what if?
    yeah, I can sue Nato and get some money out of it (somebody told me this)… is that the thing I should be looking forward? what the hell?

    and I`m not asking you to imagine that you get a defected baby… am asking you to imagine that you are in my skin… to have to be affraid of what will your baby look like… just try…

    and yeah, check my post exactly one year before and see what happened on that day… should I forget? can I forget? could you?

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