Want the best CSR traineeship of the century?

*this is an AIESEC traineeship, so if you`re not an AIESEC SN don`t bother bugging me…

So I`m leaving Istanbul soon… and looking for a good candidate to replace me here in Istanbul…

for those who don`t know – it`s a CSR Coordinator position at the regional office of Microsoft for Middle East and Africa… An awesome job I wish I could have back in Belgrade…

And yeah, if you`re in doubt whether you`re good enough or not – do apply… When I was applying for it, I thought it`s “reserved” for hotshots from AI or ex-MCPs… Well, it wasn`t and it`s not… I got it, so can you!

If you need more motivation, then go ahead and read archives of my posts since March last year… and check out my photos at http://nino.ic2003.org/Photo

If you have questions, shoot! Contacts are below…


TN Code: TN-In-TR-IS-2007-1852

This is an ideal AIESEC Internship for anyone who is interested to better understand CSR from a multinational and business perspective. It will also give you a good idea about how public-private partnerships work and the role different players have in its execution. You will also be able to better understand the role of ICT in development globally and in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA). You will be a part of a dynamic multicultural office environment and be able to enjoy independence and set your own routine and working style.

You will report to the Regional CSR Manager and will be based out of Istanbul.

Job role:

The trainee will be working as a Regional Community Affairs Coordinator.He/She will engage with national and international NGOs to create projects focussing on IT skills for employment in Middle East and Africa through public private partnership.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Review grants application from national & international NGOs across 35 countries to bridge the digital divide.
  • Work closely with CSR managers in Subsidiaries to develop sustainable projects and programs.
  • Lead the software donations program in the region and be the power user in the region of the global grants management system (Like AIESEC XP).
  • Organize a regional CSR capacity building workshop to train CSR country managers (April 2007 in Jordan) and be part of the EMEA Microsoft CSR meeting to be held in 2007.
  • Participate in strategic meetings and reviews with senior management of the company dealing with CSR at a global level.
  • Strategize on how the AIESEC & Microsoft relationship can be strengthened in the region. Work closely with AIESEC-MS Global Coordinator in creating national and sub-regional partnerships between MS and AIESEC. Lead a team of AIESEC trainees in the region.
  • Manage all communications in the region related to CSR, namely the Community affairs portal, newsletter and presentations.

Who should apply?

Anyone who has held leadership positions in AIESEC and has a passion for CSR, NGOs, development, ICT4D etc. You should in your AIESEC XP have demonstrated it through action based learning. (Organizing conferences, PBOXes, Raising internships, attending conferences, creating networks etc.)

Applications due: January 31st

Start date: Ideally February 15th, but not later then February 22nd.

Duration: 12 months (with extension possibility)

Work Place:

State of the art Regional HQ of Microsoft Middle East and Africa located in the heart of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus. You will be provided with a laptop, your own office space with a dedicated telephone line, meal coupons and a stipend of USD 700.

For more info, please contact current trainee Nikola Jovanovic at:

e-mail: b-nikolj(at)microsoft.com or nikola.jovanovic(at)gmail.com

msn: nikolajovanovic(at)hotmail.com

HOW TO APPLY: 1. Log into Insight XP and look at the TN form for the full job description 2 . Prepare your Microsoft Application Kit: Resume: A 2-page (maximum) resume with picture. Cover Letter: A ONE page cover letter. SN form: Copied directly from Insight. 3. Create one word file with all the required documents. Name your Microsoft Application kit as follows: Name-Country.doc ( i.e.: Mary-Canada.doc) 4. Send your file to gep-microsoft(at)ai.aiesec.org with the subject “Application for Traineeship – XXXX”, where “XXXX” is the TN ID of the traineeship. 5. Fill in the Survey in the Global Microsoft Community at aiesec.net. Deadline to apply: January 30th, 2007.

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