It’s not easy to define emotions.

No, really, it’s not… Try to define an emotion yourself.

Is it a feeling? Nope, I don’t think so – you feel an emotion, so they are connected, but it’s not the same thing.

This “feeling of an emotion” causes often your mood to change, as well as your physical state of your body. You react, mentally or physically because of an emotion, or by an emotion. This means that your perception of things is directly influencing your emotional state and reaction on various events, and perception is derived directly from your deepest beliefs.

So, I suppose it would be safe to say that emotions are our responses to the world around us? And then a feeling is a response to an emotion?

If so – is it safe to say that it is a psychological thing? I mean, many scientists are trying to prove that emotions are biological in its core nature, or at least biologically driven responses to a psychologically perceived stimulus (wow, I think I just confused myself!)

And how do we measure it? Have you ever thought about how EQ (emotional intelligence) is measured?


I also read somewhere that emotions “move us”, and based on my experience, I couldn’t agree more. But this is what puzzles me so hard. It’s an experience and undoubtly true, but why is it so easy to understand it and so hard to explain it?

Why am I even trying to understand it?

Well, thing is that I’m a very curious guy and since I got into people development for some time already, I got interested deeply into the topic as it affects my every day job (and my IT/geek background doesn’t allow me to just accept things as they are).

So, many things have happened and are happening lately in my life, and I usually cope well with different events and “swallow” them on the

way… but this time I caught myself reflecting and being overwhelmed with not just a huge number of, but also very strong emotions coming from everywhere and nowhere, depending on the way you look at it. And I started thinking how people, no matter how similar they are, still react differently on the same stimulus, and how this reaction defines where we are coming from.

Lemme try to explain by listing some of things I reacted upon (no particular order):

– Prom night 10 years reunion, or better a Prom night after 10 years, cause my high-school didn’t have a prom night because of the NATO bombing in `99 and because 2 of our classmates were killed in a terrorist attack couple of months earlier. So, we gathered after 10 years, now as refugees and displaced persons, to reconnect, to celebrate life and friendship and remember our late friends.
– my beloved coming back home after a year in Paris
– Partizan, my favorite sports club, winning trophies in almost all sports this year

I will stop here (and skip my professional life which is eventful too) as these 3 are more then enough to test you – I bet your emotions and feelings while reading them were going from “awww” to “why in the hell does he compares his beloved and Partizan”, or from “f…..g Partizan” to “disgustingly pathetic”.

What I am trying to say is that we are all using the same “set of emotions”, which proves that all people are the same, but based on our perception and previous experience, and most importantly our beliefs, different emotions, out of that set, pop up as consequences in different situations.

These emotions we usually don’t define and are not able to explain before they cause a reaction in a form of a feeling or a behavior.
However, in my moments of creativity, I think I see them as colors, and that is just for a moment, for a millisecond before they transform into a response. Sometimes it’s even a form, based on a previous and very subjective experience of course, but it is a form and it leads towards a reaction.

And now that I think of it, I believe that emotions are both biological and spiritual, or more likely the thing that connects those two.

I mean, how for god’s sake, could I otherwise explain all the colors bursting in front of my eyes during those 2 days of reunion, how comes that my blood boils every time I watch basketball matches of Partizan, or why my lips miracoulosly spread into a dumb smile every time I remember that She is coming back in 2 days? 🙂

(note: this text, like most of my texts, is written as a defragmentation process of my brain, which I do best while writing, so please bare with me and help out with comments and feedback)


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  2. great post…and finaly you are writing after long time :):)

  3. markoting

    I don’t think that we all use the same set of emotions at the same situations. It is all about connection between nerve centers in one’s brain that he has individually  created as a reaction on a particular stimulus. For instance, I don’t care about Partizan when I watch them playing basketball 😀

  4. No no, I’m not saying that we are using same emotions at same situations, but in general all human beings have the same set of emotions, and then in particular situations, someone is ecstatic while watching Partizan,  while someone gets pissed off because his beloved team will never ever be so good in basketball 🙂

    so, in general, we do agree – it is about stimulus and previous experience and perception of that stimulus through previous experiences, so it is kinda simple…
    but what do we do with surprises? For example, when ultimate stimulus called Jan Vesely slams over 2 opponents, and even if you don’t want to admit it, you find yourself being surprisingly happy that he did it? 😛
  5. Emotions are the topic for all time…and we are here to demistify it 🙂 you inspired me to write few lines and thank you for that, you caused positive emotion 🙂

    ….I have same dilemma about emotions and no matter how many different names we can give them, we are feeling good or bad vibrations which are connected with emotions and experiences that we had in the past, beliefs, our mind maps….memories and associations to these experiences put us in the same emotional state of mind…hmm state of mind.
    ……childhood, family, role models (father, mother, uncle, sister, friend, teacher…) society, participation in some groups (AIESEC, basketball club..) all this is important and has affect on our reaction in the future…. sometimes I am asking myself does we gain some conditions with our birth?….more and more  I think, I realise that  we just have to accept present condition no matter what it is, LOVE, SORROW, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, FALIURE, and when we accept it we will be able to live easy and to take action for some changes if the changes are possible, if not just ACCEPT… is full of + and -, Serbian famous singer Djordje Balasevic says in one of his songs (Portrait of my Life) …without black, white would not worth……now I am confused 🙂 so many thoughts and so many things that I would like to say

    …at the end we are the space where everything is happening, we are COUNSCIOUS beings, PROACTIVE, AWARE and we can choose how to react, we are FREE TO CHOOSE

    Live with passion
    Live now

  6. markoting

    Yeah, you’ve finally learned a slam dunk. Good for you!

  7. EMOTIONS – GROUP name for various feelings
    EMOTION of (SOMETHING) haterated ,LOVE, anger, etc = another name for a feeling nothing else
    and there is nothing misytcal about emotions.

  8. and yes EMOTIONS do not move us
    common misconception

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