wtfjeans review

Finally got them! 🙂
After a couple of days of pure misery with Serbian City Express delivery service and their more then poor customer relations, I finaly received my wtfbox with my own pair of BETA wtfjeans!
Of course, I couldn’t wait to get home after work, so I unpacked and tried them immediately.
I have to admit – I was a bit afraid of what will they be like. I mean, I immediately fell in love with wtfjeans idea when @blogowski & @aurorans announced the project, so the expectations were quite high and I was wondering if I should really expect that much, since it is a beta of the very first model.
In any case, I unboxed them and instantly loved the color of the jeans. I already have one light and one dark jeans, so this one  perfectly fits somewhere in the middle. The jeans itself feels very good in hands. Am not an expert, and couple of machine washes will tell the real truth, but it looks like good quality. Details like extra padding in the crotch area (extremely useful!), twitter blue stitching and very cool “beta 2010” print in the back are just adding to the overall feeling of a very cool design.
Also, there are a couple of moo stickers with wtfjeans logo inside, to help spread the word I guess…
However, once I tried them, I wasn’t so happy. Apparently, I gained some extra weight in the last couple of months, so the jeans are a bit tighter then they should be :).
Jokes aside, I put them on and have been wearing them whole day today and they are very very comfortable. Sitting, crossing legs, walking, it all felt good. The only thing I didn’t really like is that they are kinda low cut both in the front and in the back. Dunno, maybe it’s because my ass got bigger in the last couple of months, but the jeans are tight in the front and kinda low and loose in the back (you can definitely see my boxers). Am planning to lose some kilos next couple of weeks, but would love to hear other beta users feedback too.
Other then that, there is also a great feeling of wearing something uber-geek, which adds value to the whole product.

Now the thing that I loved the most – my Blackberry Storm 2 fits perfectly in the micro-fiber pocket (now I have to figure out a way to “holsterize” the pockets with magnets and make them really perfect)! And the whole feeling of using this pocket is exactly like promised – phone goes in and out (clean!) easily regardless if you are sitting or standing, but also it feels safe when inside.
I wanted to try if HTC Desire fits, but the phone in Vip Mobile store is attached with anti-theft cables, so that didn’t work. It looks like it fits though.

To sum up, wtfjeans beta 2010 edition are awesome.


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