Serbia in PFP again?

NATO may induct Serbia into Partnership for Peace

28 November 2006 | 18:29 | Source: AP

RIGA — NATO may invite Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia to join the Partnership for Peace at the Riga summit.
“I expect Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro to be given a green light for the Partnership for Peace at this summit,” Slovene Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel said. “For Slovenia it is important for the PFP to be enlarged and for the Adriatic Three to be given a clear signal for membership in the near future,” Slovenia’s foreign minister Dimitrij Rupel said on Tuesday.

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hmmm, very interesting… and I honestly don`t know how to see this… on one side, it can mean that they are offering this to show good will and support Serbia`s way to EU… it can also mean that they are changing their ideas regarding Kosovo`s status and that we will actually keep it… but it can also mean that they are giving us cookies and taking Kosovo from our hands…

I guess we`ll know in next couple of weeks… whatever it is, I expect more moves by the west soon…

This is also a big wind in the back for Kostunica and his Government… right before the elections in January…

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