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Serbia accepted into Partnership for Peace

29 November 2006 | 09:43 -> 17:21 | Source: B92

RIGA — A decision was made at the NATO summit in Riga for allowing Serbia to unconditionally join the Partnership for Peace.

So we`re in… Yeah, this is not NATO partnership yet, but it is a road to NATO.. the very same NATO that bombed us `99… the very bombing that made us affraid to make babies because we`re not sure how the baby will look like (uranium bombs all over serbia – even NATO soldiers suffering in Kosovo)… jeez, do we forget easily or what?

So we`re in… Unconditionally as they say… Unconditionally my ass, if you ask me… they`ll ask for something really soon… Karla Del Ponte (main prosecutor at Hague Tribunal) already expressed dissatisfaction (some sources say she was throwing things in her office :)), so I expect her to ask for something special soon…

I just hope they won`t ask for Kosovo… if no other reason, then because Kostunica won`t give it… and even if he does, people won`t…

So let`s see what happens next… I expect them to ask for something within end of next week…

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