By Changing Your Thinking,You change your beliefs; When you change your beliefs,You change your expectations; When you change your expectations,You change your attitude; When you change your attitude, You change your behavior; When you change your behavior,You change your performance; When you change your performance;You Change Your Life! – Author Unknown

Welcome to Belgrade

EASTERN EUROPE Belgrade: A capital city springs to life in Serbia The city’s past is visible in bombed-out buildings left unrepaired, but the vibe is hip, not tragic, and travelers are trickling back. By Michael Levitin, Special to The Los Angeles TimesSeptember 18, 2007 More at


I wish I was able to hate… Everything would be so much easier… But I’m not… Or if I had a remote… To switch my self off forever… But I don’t have it… I wish I could forget 2 best years of my life… I can’t… nor I want to… So what can I do? …

Back to blogging

I decided to get back to blogging… Having more time that I need to kill and keep my brain busy, I thought it`s time to start blogging again… As usual, it will be partly about my life, partly about world issues and partly about issues in Serbia… Hopefully, I`ll write an update about me tonight… …