So, this is where I work: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia. It`s an association of towns in my country and it “smells” like AIESEC (with 170 LCs though :))
Click on the picture to check the website – also try clicking on the active map, which is a part of my current project (database of towns and municipalities). Posted by Hello

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  1. Nino darl!
    good to see you on nomadlife…remember were still supposed to swim the seas and meet at some point…miss you dude and those rocking bbqs:)

  2. Oh we will meet for sure, darling!
    It`s just that the plan of swimming is not good anymore… This time we will have to walk through the deserts and safaris (and perhaps make one of the serbian bbqs somewhere in Sudan or Libya ;))
    Write sometimes, it`s always nice to hear from old friends…

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