One year after… Vjecnaja Pamjat

A year after the tragic March events last year in which Kosovo Serbs and Roma experienced their “Kristallnacht” despite the presence of thousands of NATO led peacekeepers and the UN Mission hardly anything seems to have changed to the better in Kosovo. Although the international community strongly condemned the ethnic Albanian riots and the Kosovo Government reconstructed under the international pressure one part of destroyed homes, only a handful of 4000 expelled Serbs and Roma have returned to their homes. They don’t feel safe in a society in which ethnic discrimination has become a regular pattern of life and in which no one can grant them security and freedom. Medieval Serbian churches are still in ruins, Christian cemeteries still covered by garbage and desecrated, there is no freedom of movement and normal life – the remaining Serbs remember the tragic anniversary in constant fear of renewed Albanian violence while explosions in Kosovo cities warn that the restive province is still a powder keg.

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