Mixed feelings – written in the airplane on May 22nd

Oh my god… I just realized how full of different feelings and emotions my life is. particularly at this very moment.
So I`m in the airplane, flying from Seattle via Chicago via Munich via Belgrade to Istanbul (Chicago-Munich part at the moment of writing this). My country`s future is being decided as I fly and I don`t know if I`m gonna be stuck at the Munich airport when I arrive (like Tom Hanks in The Terminal) :). The last news I got from Belgrade were that both sides announced potential win and that situation is quite tight, if you know what I mean… So I`m sitting in this stupid airplane, not knowing what`s happening, anxious to know which country I`m actually flying to.
Other then that, I`m very very pissed off that I have to change so many flights and that I can`t change my Belgrade-Istanbul ticket for some other day. That means that I won`t be able to see my beloved (this actually kills me), to discuss new/old country with my buddies, see family etc. grrrrrrr
But this is not where the emotions stop… I`m also very happy because I`m just coming back from Microsoft`s 1st Global Community Affairs Summit, which was most inspiring and succesful. An amazing conference where I`ve learned more about how Microsoft does CSR, where I had an opportunity to network with an amazing group of people from all over the world and where I realized just how lucky I was to get this internship and be able to have an opportunity to be part of this small family with big social impact.

So, I`m anxious, angry, happy, in love, sad… All at the same time and all feelings equally strong…
Match me and I`ll pay you a beer…

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