Only in Serbia

I wonder what would happen in any other country after such public display of disrespect to the country where you live…

to clarify something – each and every minority in Serbia is allowed to celebrate their national days (and even encouraged in a way through local municipalities` budgets) and display their national flag along with Serbian one, but only if they register so called National Council of respective minority (this is to protect from funny guys asking for funds from municipalities to celebrate “National Penguins day” or whatever they claim they are – because that`s another thing you can do in Serbia – you can actually declare as whatever you want to be :D). While most of the minorities did this, Albanians didn`t, for the sole reason that they expect this part of Serbia (southern central Serbia) to be next to get independence, after Kosovo.

And this is what they did…


Preševo Albanians remove Serbian, display Albanian flag

28 November 2006 | 14:19 -> 17:07 | Source: B92, Beta

PREŠEVO, BUJANOVAC — Albanians in Preševo removed the Serbian flag and instead displayed three Albanian flags.

Serbian flag was taken off the municipal building as part of the Albanian national holiday celebrations in the south of Serbia. Preševo municipal president Ragmi Mustafa told journalists that the display of Albanian flags instead of the Serbian should ”not be viewed as an incident”, adding that ”Albanians in Serbia have the right to their own symbols”.

The organizers played the Albanian national anthem, after which the gathering paid tribute to the dead members of the officially disbanded Preševo, Medveđa and Bujanovac Liberation Army (UCPMB).

Now you tell me if it`s OK that they use local government`s money to pay tribute to the dead members of a terrorist group???

Which country would allow this? Which country would ignore this?

Indeed, only Serbia!

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  1. Cao, nasla sam tvoj blog na nomadlife, i sokirala sam se kada sam ovo procitala…bez reci…stvarno bi samo srbija dozvolila ovako nesto.
    Mnogo je interesantan tvoj blog, citacu ga redovno da bi saznala sto vise o srbiji..:-)

  2. nebeski narod takozvani 🙂

    citaj citaj, nema zemlje kao sto je Majka Srbija… mozda ih ima sjebanijih ili pak boljih, ali definitivno ne ovako zanimljivih 🙂

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