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Microsoft has recently launched its “Click for the Cause” initiative, in which Internet searches performed at,
using Microsoft’s Live Search, result in a financial donation to, a UN Refugee agency-led public and private sector partnership which benefits the 9.3 million refugee children in the world.
The campaign aligns Microsoft’s core competencies with the goal to help provide education programs for refugee youths and will run throughout March 2007.

Given below are some simple steps to make this your default search engine on Internet Explorer 7.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on the drop down menu next to the search icon and click on “Find more providers”

  2. In the create your own section copy and paste this link
  3. Specify a name for the search engine and click install.

  4. To make this your default engine again click on the drop down menu next to the search icon, click change default and choose your new search engine.
  5. Start searching and helping at the same time!

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