10 years from bombardan…

In Serbia, we say Dobar dan (Good day), but those 78 days of NATO dropping shitloads of bombs on our heads, we used to say Bombardan… Traditional Serbian humour – the darker, the better…

So it’s been 10 years since NATO started what they called action “Merciful Angel” “Noble Anvil”. This angel used 1000 airplanes and 38000 “combat missions” and dropped  who knows how many bombs that are either old (with depleted uranium – cheaper to drop in Serbia then to destroy) or very new and experimental (special bombs that destroy complete electrical network etc) or just against humanity (cluster bombs – aimed at killing as many people as possible).

And it’s been 10 years since they admitted that only by bombing 10 million people they can take care of Milosevic. That was, as they said, the reason for bombing…

And even 10 years later, they are still killing us… Depleted uranium is a very serious thing and many young couples are afraid to have children nowadays… Read more here – http://arirusila.cafebabel.com/en/cbtag/191033

Bombing itself was meant to be aimed at military targets and infrastructure, but this was not really true, as they were hitting anything that moves (buses, trains, refugees in the road, whatever) and other important targets like Hotel Jugoslavija and Chinese embassy (both in part of town where there is absolutely nothing military kilometers away). Here’s a short list of “mistakes” that BBC made – http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/340966.stm

Not to be too subjective, here’s what Noah Chomsky thinks about it:

Then even better – General Lewis Mackenzie, Canadian dude that commanded UN troops…

To conclude – check out this awesome documentary by some Serbian guys. It has been made during the bombing and, in my opinion, in a true Serbian way:

I believe I wrote something similar somewhere once already, but nevertheless:

There is a saying about Serbs, that we always forgive but never forget and this is very true… For most of us, the war and the hatred towards the West ended with the last bomb that fell in Serbia (or even before, as a guy in the last movie in this post states). We come back to this and many other events every year, to remember the fallen and drop a swear or two on our miserable lives, but that’s pretty much it… We don’t hate, we don’t have terrorist groups trying to plot a nuke in Washington or whatever (I wish we are able to be so organized like that Serbian terrorist group in the Season 1 of 24 :)), we just continue rebuilding quickly where we stopped. Quickly, as you never know when the next war will happen (someone said – only in Serbia there are 5 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and war)…

So, what makes us so calm, in peace with the situation? I think it’s history… Actually, am pretty sure about it… We subconsciously know that this is just another “great empire”, another in a row, so to say…let’s just see if this one falls in our lifetime or a bit later… and if the next Great war will start somewhere else and not in this unlucky area…


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  4. Amazing article Bro – i love the: “that we always forgive but never forget “.


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