street food in serbia #1

one of the things that are so special about Serbia is definitely street food. I was using the term “junk food” until a dude from New York told me (while eating something similar to the pic below) that “if this is junk food, then what the f**k is what we eat in NY?”… And since then, I`m calling it simply street food…

and it`s really awesome… one of the rules to find good street food when you go abroad is to check where the locals eat, because they know what`s made for tourists and what`s not… well, in Belgrade you almost cannot miss – we don`t have so many tourists 🙂

of course, there are some shitty places (like ones next to bus and train stations), but in general street food is great! Unless you`re vegeterian, that is… 🙂

I will be posting photos of Serbian street food as I find them or take photos when I move back to Belgrade… Will write descriptions too, just to tease you a bit more…


This is world famous “Pljeskavica”. A gourman one in this case. While ordering, you can choose toppings from usually 5-15 different kinds of salads or sauces.

Pljeskavica on Wikipedia

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