Kusturica awarded with France’s Order of the Knight of Arts and Literature of the first degree

As of Thursday, February 8, Serbia has another Knight, a highly esteemed movie director Emir Kusturica. French Minister of Culture Rennaud Donnadieu de Vabres has awarded world renowned Serbian director with France’s Order of the Knight of Arts and Literature of the first degree — Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Russia fears chain reaction

from www.b92.net/eng ——————————- Russia fears chain reaction 9 February 2007 | 11:59 | Source: AP SEVILLE — Granting independence to Kosovo could inspire other breakaway regions in Europe and former Soviet Union, Sergei Ivanov warns today.Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov spoke before holding planned talks with his NATO counterparts, who have backed a plan drawn …

help refugee children

Microsoft has recently launched its “Click for the Cause” initiative, in which Internet searches performed at http://click4thecause.live.com,
using Microsoft’s Live Search, result in a financial donation to ninemillion.org, a UN Refugee agency-led public and private sector partnership which benefits the 9.3 million refugee children in the world.

GROBARI (Partizan – Unicaja)

I missed it again 🙁 Last first round match of Euroleague. Despite the loss in overtime, Partizan went through the Top 16… Something we`ve been waiting for for 9 years…An absolute record of 8100 fans was registered at this match against Unicaja (7100 seats in the arena). For Top 16 matches, Partizan will most likely …

Ahtisaari: independence for Kosovo

from http://belgrade.org.yu/blog —————————————————- …we got Marti Ahtisaari in Belgrade today. Ahtisaari decided to come despite Koshtunica pretended he wasn’t there luckily, Boris Tadic was home so he opened the door and let the Finnish guy do his thing. So, after his press conference in Media centre, everything is clear. Apparently, the only things Kosovo will …