Pisali smo Idro Seferi i ja pisma jedan drugom u srpskom izdanju Newsweeka.
Šta znamo o mladim ljudima u Kosovskoj Mitrovici? Ovaj dokumentarac pomaže da ih razumemo.
Zato što ne razumemo, zato će se Sandžak otcepiti.
We all were once children. Some of us still are. And we all had dreams. Some came true, some we forgot about, and some we are still dreaming and expecting to happen. Or we're working hard to achieve them.
Evolution of Balkan people
Definition of Balkan, it's nations and people. Definition of us.
2 big things happened in 2 days - visa abolishment for Schengen zone, and Kosovo independence debate started in Hague...
Ethnic Albanian councilors in Serbia's south have launched an initiative to form Albanian regional institutions and a separate region of Preševo Valley.
To be honest, I would prefer our foreign affaird minister addressing them, as he is a […]
In Serbia, we say Dobar dan (Good day), but those 78 days of NATO dropping shitloads […]