Monthly Archive: March 2009

Serbia – bastion of stability? 4

Serbia – bastion of stability?

Just read this article of Financial Times and am wondering what people think about it… Please read the article and let me know your opinion…  Myself, I am trying to form an opinion...

Tadic’s speech to the UN Security Council 0

Tadic’s speech to the UN Security Council

To be honest, I would prefer our foreign affaird minister addressing them, as he is a bit sharper then Tadic, but I think this is direct enough too… Serbian: click here English translation by...

10 years from bombardan… 6

10 years from bombardan…

In Serbia, we say Dobar dan (Good day), but those 78 days of NATO dropping shitloads of bombs on our heads, we used to say Bombardan… Traditional Serbian humour – the darker, the better…

Internationalization 2


Apparently, this text is around for some time, but somehow it hasn’t reached me earlier until Sandra sent it via e-mail today… This speech is done by Cristovam Buarque (Professor of Brasilia University, ex-governor of...

Life success :) 3

Life success :)

  This is taken in front of my hotel in Bucharest… Hotel has a Casino in its premises, so all kinds of people are coming, mostly those that have “succeeded in life”, just like...

Roadtrip to Timisoara 1

Roadtrip to Timisoara

This is where the GPS Navigation took us on our way to Timisoara airport! How can you not love modern technology? Without it, we would never visit this amazing place :))

Partizan – Panathinaikos 63:56 before 22.567 fans! 4

Partizan – Panathinaikos 63:56 before 22.567 fans!

The world basketball capital of Belgrade, Serbia became the proud owner on Thursday of the single-game record for attendance at an indoor basketball game in European club history! Officially, 22,567 fans packed Belgrade Arena for the Last 16, Week 5 game between hosts Partizan and Panathinaikos of Greece.

Partizan for Mastercard 3

Partizan for Mastercard

Budget of CSKA – 30.000.000 EUR Budget of Panathanaikos – 45.000.000 EUR Budget of Partizan – 2.000.000 EUR Lasme & Vesely (both foreigners) singing a fan song dedicated to the love for Partizan (in...