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Who am I, really?

My twitter page says: HR Professional, CSR Freak and soon to be a Social Entrepreneur, Social Media Advocate, a Refugee and a Blogger.

Very true. Not necessarily in that order though… Let me elaborate.

I was born in the city of Pec in Western Kosovo, Southern Serbia, at that time still part of Yugoslavia and later Serbia and Montenegro. In 1999 I had to move to Belgrade as an IDP and am living in this awesome city ever since (with an exception of living in equally awesome Istanbul for 13 months).

My parents bought me a computer couple of months before my 5th birthday and that event pretty much defined my future. It was an Amstrad Schneider CPC 464 and it was so expensive that we couldn’t afford to go to vacation that year. Amiga 500 and then PC were logical steps forward and in a few years I was ready to do simple pre-press and everyone in my neighborhood had cool business cards (not that they needed them though, since most of them were 16 years old). Anyhow, I do believe that the investment paid off as it directly helped my personal and professional development.

Professional life

PeckoPivoStarted working couple of months after moving to Belgrade, in a graphic design studio. Did almost nothing relevant there, but learned a lot and met some great people. Then moved to the Government and its Agency for Public Administration Development, helping them with simple databases and communication. Parallel to these jobs, I was an active member of AIESEC for 5 years where I engaged into several leadership positions, mainly dealing with Communication, Branding, Knowledge Management and Event Management. The latest, event management, made me quit my job with the Government to focus 100% on helping organizing AIESEC International Congress 2003 in Serbia, which was the biggest event organized in Belgrade since the Union of Non-Aligned countries had its conference there.
After that, I joined the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, which is a National association of local self-government and serves both as an advocate and think-tank. Over there, I did basically everything connected to IT – from fixing printers, maintaining network and servers, building website to establishing an ICT Working Group consisted of experts from various municipalities.
By that time, I already developed a strong passion for  Corporate Social Responsibility and I was lucky enough to be given a chance to serve 13 months as a Regional Community Affairs Coordinator in Istanbul, in Microsoft Middle East and Africa, happily helping this great company invest its resources in meaningful projects and initiatives for people development.
Coming  back from Istanbul, I joined Erste Bank Serbia and Erste School of Banking and Finance where I currently work on topics such are learning, people development, organizational culture, talent management, international cooperation and education overall, as well as being involved in  activities around CSR and Social Entrepreneurship. If I exclude all the fancy words and phrases, I’d say I’m trying to help people develop and grow within the organization as much as possible and most of the time I love my job.
My complete professional profile is available at LinkedIN.

Work is not everything

PeckoPivoApart from work, I’m in general very passionate about technology and its usage in every day life. My flat is not a smart home yet, but pretty much everything in it is “connected”. I even regretted that I bought a stove, ’cause I could install a touch screen at that place with my favorite website donesi.com (food ordering) on it 24/7.
At all times I have with me my Blackberry 9700 and my HTC Desire, both constantly connected to twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare etc. Of course, there is also a fixed phone connected to Skype and a beautiful companion Chumby laying next to my bed to say goodnight and good morning with my favorite radio station and twitter and weather updates before I get up.


After all this, I doubt anyone will trust me when I say this, but technology is not really everything in my life. I actually grew up reading a lot (when I was 3 I was already able to read both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets), and city library used to be one of my favorite places (if there was Foursquare back then, I’d be a Mayor for sure). I was very passionate about comic books, especially Alan Ford and Zagor.
Since I lived next to the school with large playground for all kinds of sports, I used to spend a good part of my days playing football, basketball, practice running etc, but enjoyed the most discovering all parts of my town and surrounding on my bicycle.

Nowadays, I enjoy travelling the most. My passport is always in my hand-bag, so I’m ready to use any opportunity. With my beloved, that is.


Future shall be awesome. I will not accept less.

I want kids. At least 3.

I want to continue working on developing people and helping them grow. How? I have no idea. But I do believe that Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business in general are the things to tackle in the days to come.

I want to write a book. One of these days I’ll learn how to do that.

I want my kids to grow in peace.

…to be continued

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