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csr and religion? 0

csr and religion?

Many in the corporate world would rather not bring religion into the boardroom. Fair enough, especially if the purpose is to misuse religion for selfish or inappropriate purposes. But if advocates of CSR are interested in finding new allies in the quest to encourage businesses to become more ethical and attentive to their responsibilities to a wide range of stakeholders, they should think anew about the role of faith in the workplace.

Libya to buy 1.2 million laptops for school kids 0

Libya to buy 1.2 million laptops for school kids

NEW YORK – The government of Libya has reached an agreement with an American nonprofit group to provide inexpensive laptop computers for all of the nation’s 1.2 million schoolchildren, The New York Times reported...

WB World Development Report 2007 0

WB World Development Report 2007

World Bank urges boost for young Developing countries must invest in young people, promoting education and health and developing essential skills, a major World Bank report says. The World Development Report says there are...

Google`s for profit philanthropy 0

Google`s for profit philanthropy

The ambitious founders of Google, the popular search engine company, have set up a philanthropy, giving it seed money of about $1 billion and a mandate to tackle poverty, disease and global warming.

CSR Traineeship in Pakistan 0

CSR Traineeship in Pakistan

If you happen to know someone with strong AIESEC experience that might be interested in long-term CSR traineeship in Microsoft Pakistan, with good employment opportunity after the traineeship, please let me know (b-nikolj(@) or...

Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference: “Meeting of Civilizations” 0

Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference: “Meeting of Civilizations”

A great new NGO that I discovered while working for Microsoft… They are connecting Glocals – local players in global field.

CSR in Serbia 0

CSR in Serbia

Even if Serbia is not the strongest country in the world regarding the business ethics and CSR, there are still good case practices. Here`s one really awesome – a company will give away free...