CSR in Serbia

Even if Serbia is not the strongest country in the world regarding the business ethics and CSR, there are still good case practices. Here`s one really awesome – a company will give away free or really cheap the land and basic infrastructure conditions in order to bring investments in this … Read More ›


This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I`m alive… 🙂I`ll write more soon, but this is basicaly what`s up with me these days:– still working in the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (check below), but am also thinking about other options (another job, traineeship…)– still … Read More ›

Prague here I come!

The bosses finally confirmed and I will be visiting Prague and Hradec Kralove for a few days nex month!!! 🙂The reason is a conference LORIS (Local and Regional Information Society), where I will be representing organization I work for (check previous post to learn more about it). The conference` website … Read More ›

So, this is where I work: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia. It`s an association of towns in my country and it “smells” like AIESEC (with 170 LCs though :))Click on the picture to check the website – also try clicking on the active map, which is a … Read More ›