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Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference: “Meeting of Civilizations” 0

Fifth Annual Glocalization Conference: “Meeting of Civilizations”

A great new NGO that I discovered while working for Microsoft… They are connecting Glocals – local players in global field.

Cagri Han 0

Cagri Han

100_1027 Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. The one and only Cagri Han 🙂We met in Istanbul after more the 2 years… First we met in Tunisia in February 2003 and then he was a CC...

Vlajko and Maria in Istanbul 0

Vlajko and Maria in Istanbul

100_0919 Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. As I said, a wonderful weekend it was…After a great Saturday with trainees and aiesecers from Istanbul, I spent a great Sunday and Monday with Vlajko, Maria, 12 other...

Study Tour Istanbul 0

Study Tour Istanbul

group_pic Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. A wonderful weekend prepared for us by Cultural Understanding Team of LC Istanbul. It included site visits to Dolmabahce Palace (Palace of the Sultans), Summer Palace (of the Sultans,...

Back in Istanbul 0

Back in Istanbul

I`m back in Istanbul… After two weeks of being away (check out the itinerary: Istanbul-Belgrade-Munich-San Francisco-Seattle-Chicago-Munich-Belgrade-Istanbul) and missing the greatest celebration ever (Galatasaray became the champion in a Hitchcock kind of an ending)… It...

Mixed feelings – written in the airplane on May 22nd 0

Mixed feelings – written in the airplane on May 22nd

Oh my god… I just realized how full of different feelings and emotions my life is. particularly at this very moment.So I`m in the airplane, flying from Seattle via Chicago via Munich via Belgrade...

Istanbul Trainees May 2006 0

Istanbul Trainees May 2006

Istanbul Trainees May 2006 Originally uploaded by PeckoPivo. From left to right:Joanna (USA), myself, Magda (Germany), Friedemann (Germany), Niels (The Netherlands), Caro (Colombia), Beth (USA), Nadine (Germany), Shawky (Egypt), Rajtzi (India), Metin (Bulgaria/Turkey –...

Change of plans 2

Change of plans

Had to change travel itinerary 🙁So this isthe final one: May 12th – Istanbul – BelgradeMay 14th – Belgrade – Seattle via Munich and San FranciscoMay 21th – Seattle – Belgrade via Chicago and...

Going to Seattle! 0

Going to Seattle!

Finally got my 3 year multi-entry business visa for USA 😛 and am travelling to Seattle (well, Redmond actually) to attend the first Microsoft Global Community Affairs Summit. The whole Community Affairs team –...