Got my visa today!

My flight to Istanbul is next Thursday, March 16th… Wooohoooooooooo 🙂

`til then, I have to finish all the started tasks at my current workplace, to do the complete documentation for and transition to the dude that will replace me (which we still don`t have, btw), to visit my dentist at least 5 more times, to organize a party, to think of and buy everything I might need there… huh, can`t I just go to Istanbul tomorrow? 🙂

2 Replies to “Got my visa today!

  1. Many hearty congrats hon!
    looks like your coming crosser to my end of the world maybe? Remember were supposed to swim across the seas and meet up mid way?
    Have a blast in Istanbul and Microsoft.
    By the way i have a very good friend of mine joining the same traineeship..Mohamad Shawky. He was my Lcp in Cairo..look out for him and you two will sure have a fabulous time together.
    pss: I did get your kisses from you have to deliver them personally:)

  2. Thanks my dear!
    Actually, Shawky will be my flat-mate 🙂 I`m sure we`ll have a fantastic time together… 🙂

    You see, I am actually coming closer to you… I never forgot our deal from a few years ago… Now it`s your turn… You come closer to me… 😛

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