Got my visa today!

My flight to Istanbul is next Thursday, March 16th… Wooohoooooooooo 🙂

`til then, I have to finish all the started tasks at my current workplace, to do the complete documentation for and transition to the dude that will replace me (which we still don`t have, btw), to visit my dentist at least 5 more times, to organize a party, to think of and buy everything I might need there… huh, can`t I just go to Istanbul tomorrow? 🙂


  1. Many hearty congrats hon!
    looks like your coming crosser to my end of the world maybe? Remember were supposed to swim across the seas and meet up mid way?
    Have a blast in Istanbul and Microsoft.
    By the way i have a very good friend of mine joining the same traineeship..Mohamad Shawky. He was my Lcp in Cairo..look out for him and you two will sure have a fabulous time together.
    pss: I did get your kisses from you have to deliver them personally:)

  2. Thanks my dear!
    Actually, Shawky will be my flat-mate 🙂 I`m sure we`ll have a fantastic time together… 🙂

    You see, I am actually coming closer to you… I never forgot our deal from a few years ago… Now it`s your turn… You come closer to me… 😛

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