Intervju sa Veljkom Vlahovićem, generalnim menadžerom sistema BusPlus.
Moje mišljenje o BusPlus sistemu. Dakle ne vlasnička struktura, ne paranoja oko podataka koje skupljaju o nama, samo o sistemu.
Emel did it again! Twice, that is! :)
so I`m back 😉 will be here for another 10 days or so to sum up […]
Things are getting more and more exciting… Deadline for applications was last night, so now expecting […]
so I`ve been to Abdi Ipekci Arena in Istanbul, which is something like Mecca for all fans of Partizan Basketball Club... It`s a place where the finals of Euroleague 1992 happened, when Partizan won it`s only Euroleague title with Djordjevic`s triple in the last second...
so I had this chat tonight with one special person. That person was trying to convince […]
*this is an AIESEC traineeship, so if you`re not an AIESEC SN don`t bother bugging me… […]
long time since I wrote anything about myself actually… so I`m still in Istanbul… enjoying my […]
Heard tonight and couldn`t believe my ears… and he confirmed it to me tonight… My US […]