I love JAT Airways!

And how can I not?

I was supposed to travel Belgrade by bus, which is 14-17 hours trip… and that`s only because I thought that if I buy a plane ticket in Belgrade it will be much cheaper (because of all those student discounts, euro<26, isic etc)...
So anyways, I had to move the date and leave on Saturday instead of Thursday, which screwed up my bus plan, so I had to buy a flight ticket… And that`s where the coolest system comes in place…

Sunday: Checking prces online – 250 EUR;
Monday: I`m calling to reserve the ticket and the lady tells me it`s 230EUR and no student discounts whatsoever;
Tuesday: Calling to re-schedule and lady tells me that`s fine and the new price is 196 EUR;
Wednesday: Happy me going to the agency to buy the ticket, and the nice lady hands it, takes 200 EUR from my hand and returns 35 – new price again, now 165 EUR!!!

I will never understand how this worked out (since JAT is well known for never changing the prices and especially not lowering them :)), but I do hope this will continue…

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