Serbian Man Purse

Lots of friends from abroad have either been making fun of me or asking questions about my purse/handbag/european carryall/gay bag/whatever you call it…
for most of the people, it is either a gay thing, or metrosexual, or simply a girl item…
And it seems that it is a kind of a cultural shock for visitors in Serbia… it strucks them that such a “homophobic nation” is cool with “gay items”… 🙂

well, even if we often use a name “pederusa” (gay-bag) for it, I don`t think anyone really finds it gay… it`s simply useful! no need to fill your pockets with all the stuff you usually carry around: cell phone(s), credit cards, cigarettes, IDs, money, pen, papers, usb stick, condoms etc… although, it is indeed a risk that if you lose it – you lose all the stuff :), but that never happened to me… yet… 🙂

anyways, there`s a nice blog about it at VIP blog – author is a foreigner living in Belgrade… read the comments too – some are really funny!

Jess, enjoy it – this post is for you anyways! 😀

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