Is it starting again?

I guess we all knew this was coming, just never knew when… And we thought they might calm down a bit and start it again in a few decades or so…

I hope I’m wrong, but this looks like the same scenario that we all have seen already… Incidents, requests for more and more autonomy etc…

For those who are not getting it, I am referring to the “project” of “Greater Albania”, where certain Albanian groups are trying to form what they call “Historical Ethnic Albania”…

Picture shows how it should look like – you can clearly see which part of Southern Serbia (apart from Kosovo) they want:

And this is today’s news at B92…

Ethnic Albanians push for “region” in south
3 August 2009 | 09:56 | Source: Tanjug
PREŠEVO — Ethnic Albanian councilors in Serbia’s south have launched an initiative to form Albanian regional institutions and a separate region of Preševo Valley.

Read more at B92…

I immediately got flashbacks from 10 years ago…
Please please please – no more blood!
So help us god…


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  2. Nemanja Rodic

    unfortunatelly it is happening again, it never stopped….the next one is macedonia in which the albanian minority constitutes around 25 % of the population which is ok, but then what is not ok and what is leading to the whole “kosovo” thing sooner or later is the fact that they do not integrate but study in albanian, go to albanian hospitals and in the cities in which they are a predominant nation, don’t use macedonian at all! moreover, the western parts of macedonia, as shown on the map above are quite homogenically populated by them as if they’re already making their country there…moreover, just recently they have requested albanian to be the second official language of the macedonian parliament and that everyone in it can express themself either using maceodonian or albanian….i give it 10-15 years before another escalation like the one we’ve seen in 2001 there….except that this one will be more definitive….
    it’s sad! haven’t we seen enough bloodshed in this region…what we’ve seen in the recent history only is more than enough….

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