Ramonda Serbica

The endemic species with this name grows only in Jelasnica and Sicevacka Gorge in Serbia and nowhere else in the world. This plant is called the Serbian phoenix flower since it can survive the most unfavorable conditions of draught during which it is almost dead but as soon as better … Read More ›

I’m Telling for the Last Time!

Props to the author and to my coleague Alex for sending me this hilarious text… ———————————————I’m Telling for the Last Time!Jerry Seinfeld I’m not married. I’m a single guy, there are no other guys attached to me. I’ve always been just the one guy. Men and women will never understand … Read More ›

We`re back!

Serbia & Montenegro Win U20 Title They went silently to Turkey with noone expecting any results from them… We all thought that golden era of Serbian basketball is finished, that there is no hope for recovery… And even worse – they all played for the non-existing country. And then they … Read More ›

travel plans

I simply love my traineeship… Just when you think it can`t get any better then this, you receive a funny call and an invitation to travel to Egypt 😀Anyways, these are my travel plans for the near future: Next weekend – Cappadocia Tour (http://www.aiesec.org.tr/cappadociatour)Next week – Cairo, Egyptbeginning of August … Read More ›