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I simply love my traineeship… Just when you think it can`t get any better then this, you receive a funny call and an invitation to travel to Egypt 😀
Anyways, these are my travel plans for the near future:

Next weekend – Cappadocia Tour (
Next week – Cairo, Egypt
beginning of August – Belgrade, Home
end of August – International Congress in Poland and maybe Yasmin Hammamet, Tunisia

Did I say already how much I love my traineeship? 🙂

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  1. Aakash Sethi

    Lucky B@#$%@! Thank your father for setting it up 😉

  2. if you were to be asked, some hot chick would be enjoying all this instead of me, so f&*^ off :)))) luckily, my boss knew you too good 😛

    hehehe, I love you anyways, oh mighty godfather 🙂 and still am thankful 😉

  3. hate u man. i hate u.what kind of a traineeship is it?


  4. I live in Cairo. Let’s get a beer when you are in town.

  5. cheers man, was about to contact you… 🙂
    will let you know when I`m there…

  6. I hate your Traineeship


  7. and I love you too baby 🙂

  8. I don't understand your traineeship

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