News from Konstantinopolis ;)

– finished my transition with Aakash and started working independently (he left to India to start working there)
– almost got robbed in front of my apartment (the night after Aakash had his cell phone stolen), so we decided to move to the dorm until we find an apartment in some decent part of the city
– moved to the dorm 🙂 – currently not crowded so it`s cool… roomies are really cool and helpful…
– helped organizing and attended Microsoft Middle East & Africa regional Community Affairs meeting, which was awesome and soooo inspirational for me… Now I am definitely sure I made a right decision quitting my job in Belgrade and taking this traineeship… People working in Community Affairs in Microsoft are unbelievably passionate about helping people and that`s definitely not what I expected to see… I even had an opportunity to strategize on the future of Unlimited Potential program and I must say that high-level managers in MS truly take aiesec-ers seriously. A wonderful experience indeed.
– representing Microsoft at Turkish National Congress (am actually writing this from the hotel lobby :)), where I held a session this morning about CSR in Microsoft and AIESEC-MS global partnership… It felt really weird `cause this is my first @ conference which I`m attending as an external… 🙂 And it was funny too, because several times I referred to AIESEC as “us”, instead of Microsoft being “us” 🙂 It`s hard to get over AIESEC, you know…
– will be attending Microsoft Global Community Affairs Summit in Redmond, Seattle in May. All Community Affairs people will gather to network, share experiences, best case practices etc. AIESEC will be well presented since I`m not the only AIESEC-er going there… I`m quite sure it will be awesome 🙂 who knows, I may catch a SuperSonics game while being there… 😉
– Sandra is coming in a few hours… Can`t wait to see her… It feels like I haven`t seen her for years, not weeks…

Did the Bosphorus cruise which was amazing… The cruise goes all the way to the Black Sea where we had a nice tour of the old castle (view from up there is awesome)… I`ll send pictures later…

Cheers everyone! I hope you all enjoy your life as much as I do! 🙂

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  1. You rock Nino, you’re the star of Istanbul as I can see, or Konstantinopolis if you prefer the good old days :p

    I am very happy for you that you figured out it was the right thing to do.

    Big up yourself and keep it real


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