Turkmen President Niyazov dies at 66

so, another “personality cult” died…

Let`s see how the country will deal with this… I actually always wanted to go there and see how it looks like leaving over there, since what one knows about the country is not too good (like he forbid ballet, censored all cultural events, used wealth gained from natural resources to build golden statues of himself everywhere etc.). Unfortunately, never had a chance to do that… as I probably won`t have a chance to visit Cuba while Castro is still alive…

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan – Authoritarian President Saparmurat Niyazov, who has ruled energy-rich Turkmenistan for more than two decades, has died, Turkmen state television and officials said Thursday. He was 66.

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  1. dude
    this man wanted to be called “Ataturk” in the past…hahahaha

  2. hehe, I know man 🙂
    and I`m glad you dind it funny, for he didn`t want them without reason 😉

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