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So, what happens when leaders of a wannabe country are ex-terrorists educated by professional PR agencies from the West to show off as good guys?

Weapons seized, officials arrested in Kosovo

21 December 2006 | 14:19 | Source: Beta

PRIŠTINA — Kosovo police (KPS) and KFOR confiscated a large amount of weapons in Glogovac last night.
KPS spokesman said that a significant amount of arms and ammunition was found in a van in the village of Štutica, Glogovac municipality, and confirmed that three people were arrested.
However, he did not disclose the identities of those placed in police custody. The media for its part speculates that a Kosovo government official is among those arrested last night.

Well, what happens is that they are commited to get Kosovo regardless of what Serbia or any other country thinks about it… Adn they smile in front of cameras, they visit Serbian enclaves and monasteries in Kosovo with foreign officials etc.. but they are also arming their fighters – poor stupid dudes that are willing to die for a stupid cause… and they are arming them even if UN (which is running Kosovo at the moment) doesn`t allow them to do so…

And in the end, the very same leaders stay untouched and some dude is arrested and will probably dissapear completely soon… Leaders will of course “condemn any illegal action regardless of who perpetrates it in the strongest terms and remains convinced that such people have no place in Kosovo’s government” and continue to use other dudes for the job…

The worst thing is that these poor dudes think that they are fighting for their “homeland” or “Great Albania” or even simply against “Evil Serbs”, while they are actually fighting for the country that is supposed to serve those “leaders” as their own private land and a place where they can centralize their “business” of dealing drugs, firearms, lead prostituion etc…

I`m really trying not to write so much about Kosovo but recent moves and actions simply force me to do it… I can clearly see what is going to happen in Kosovo after final status is defined… One way or another, blood will be all over the place again…

And I hate that. And I don`t want to see that. Ever again.

Read the full story here and also check comments of dumbfucks from both sides (plus “peacefull foreigners”).

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